How To Be More Productive At Work

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How To Be More Productive At Work

Most of us want to be more productive at work, especially those of us who run a business and lead busy lives. We hanker to have more time and we wish we had more control because sometimes we just feel overwhelmed at the mountain of stuff we want to achieve and we don’t know where to start.

Well, we’ve got your back.

We’ve been there and we’ve learnt how to be more productive at work the hard way, and the good news is that you can benefit from our experience!

Here’s 5 Ways to be More Productive at Work;

  1. Set yourself one big task per day. Schedule it into your calendar at the time of day when you are most productive. Turn off all distractions because by focusing on one big task a day you’ll feel a bigger sense of achievement and be less overwhelmed by the other (smaller) things on your to do list.
  1. Put a timer on and work for 25 minutes with no distractions. After 25 minutes have a 5-minute break and then start again. This is called The Pomodoro Technique. We’ve tried it and it does work but I couldn’t spend all day working in this style. I tend to use it when I have key deadlines or pieces of work that need to be completed (like writing this article)!
  1. Vary your day. Try changing what you are doing every 20 minutes or so. A change gives you more energy and focus. Try to get outside and breathe in fresh air. If you can’t get outside then move around, change seats, phone someone, arrange meetings in different places, talk to different people, keep your day varied and interesting.
  1. Write lists. Some people absolutely love having lists and enjoy ticking things off as they achieve them. Others don’t. If you are a list lover, then write a list at the beginning of the week with your overall goals and then dilute that list into daily lists to work through.   Lists can keep you really focused (if you stick to them). I am a complete list lover – I have lists for everything at home and work. It’s a bit of a joke in our house that I should have a list for all the lists! But seriously, I love them because I can stop trying to remember all the things I need to do and just work through the list on paper. 
  1. Block out half an hour at the end of each week to clear your phone, laptop and paper files. This alone will keep you organised and in control. You’ll feel in control, you’ll feel super organised and when you come back to work on Monday, you’ll feel that everything is clean and clear. So, block that time out NOW every week on Friday afternoon and stick to it.

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How to be more productive at work

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